Salvador H. Laurel Museum
and Library

The Salvador H. Laurel Museum and Library is a 4-hectare property atop San Pedro, Laguna which preserves and celebrates the insurmountable professional and political achievement of the late statesman. An oasis for lovers of history and arts, this 10-minute drive from the San Pedro Exit via the South Luzon Expressway is both a refuge and reroute from the hustle and bustle of the metro’s politics. After all, as intimidated by Celia Diaz-Laurel, widow of the late Vice President, the museum is to keep Doy’s desire to inflame the youth to love the country above all. Unknown to many, this is where Doy seriously contemplated of his crucial decision to give way to Cory for the ultimate good of the country.

The one-hour museum tour that features the library which was laboriously transported piece by piece from the late vice president’s study at the Laurel residence on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong, roving multimedia presentations on the beginnings of the Laurel clan (which can be traced back to the ancient datus of Brunei) up to Doy Laurel’s ultimate sacrifice to step down as UNIDO’s standard bearer, and the personal effects and notes of Vice President Laurel to and fro his contemporaries.

But the Laurel experience is not complete, too, without arts — an emblem attributable to Celia Diaz-Laurel, who is an established painter and artist. Thus, this Holiday Hills property actually houses artifacts, i.e., paintings and sculptures from National Artists like Vicente Manansala, Fernando Amorsolo, and Guillermo Tolentino.

Aside from its historical sentience, the Salvador H. Laurel Library and Museum, draped in Laguna’s lush of greens and cool weather, gives a natural and spiritual uplift necessary to hurdle once again, the grueling demands of the city. It showcases many of the hand-planted fruit-bearing trees of the late statesman; the man-made falls that he conceptualized; and the orchidarium, which is the most recent addition to the place.

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